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Bosporus is aware of a number of e-mails, letters and SMS or Whatsapp messages in circulation recently, claiming to be offers of employment from Bosporus.

Employment in Bosporus Dubai Mall:

Although these offers may appear genuine, they are fraudulent and should be deleted immediately and not responded to. Bosporus does not send emails, letters or other messages requesting your bank account details in order to process documents. Bosporus will also never refer you to a third party to process applications or visas. Official communications from Bosporus dubai mall will only come from an email address ending and job opportunities with Bosporus are advertised on Bosporus’s websites. You can get bosporus dubai downtown contact number from our website and call us anytime if you want information.


8 December, 2016

Prepare or serve specialty coffee or other beverages. Experience: 0-1years Apply Now


8 December, 2016

Take orders and serve food and beverages to patrons at tables at Bosporus. Experience: 1-2 years Apply Now


8 December, 2016

Escort customers to their tables and assist customers with seating arrangements while responsibly leading then waiting staff. Experience: 2-3 years Apply Now

Food Runners

6 December, 2016

Perform all the small tasks necessary to provide a high quality customer experience, including getting food to the proper table at the right time, clearing dirty plates and silverware, responding to other guest needs, etc. Experience: 0-1 years Apply Now